Mathare Foundation organizes and hosts the Slum Kids Festival. The Slum Kids Festival allows the children of Mathare to display their talents in football, photography, and performance arts, giving them a sense of pride in their work and their community. Slum Kids Festival +254 is a joint project by the Slum Sanaa Arts Center and Mathare Foundation. The dates for 2016 are from 8 to 23 April (dates are tentative).


Mathare Foundation organizes the Beyond the Horizon Photo Exhibition. Beyond The Horizon Photo Exhibition is a collection of photos capture by Mathare Foundation trainees. The themes of the photos include small scale business, water, sanitation, housing, and creativity.


Mathare Foundation participates in the Write Junior Club alongside the Vizazi Organization. The Write Junior Club mentors children through discussion and writing, helping children overcome symptoms of trauma. It is coached by volunteers from Mathare Foundation and the Vizazi Organization


Vizazi is an international expert center for youth interventions. They offer high quality training and counseling services for at-risk youth living in informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya. For more information, visit

Vizazi Trauma Board

Photo via Vizazi Organization