Commonwealth awards Mathare Foundation Co Founder Eric Omwanda the Commonwealth Youth Worker Africa Region Winner 2016

On the 10 of November 2016 , Mathare Foundation Co Founder, Eric Omwanda, received the Commonwealth Youth Worker Award for the Africa region. Commonwealth Youth Worker Awards was established 4 years ago with the purpose of appreciating and awarding exemplary people who have dedicated their live to serve young people. Last year Eric Omwanda was a regional finalist and he promised that he is going to become the Africa winner this year. He has lived to achieve this. His contribution to youth work in Kenya is exceptional. He is an inspiration to other young people across the Commonwealth countries and specifically in the Africa.

Eric Nehemiah (Kenya), the co-founder of Mathare Foundation, which has supported over 100 young people in Kenyan slums to channel their talents through providing training in photography and art.

Mr Nehemiah said: “Society depends on young people, so if young people do not get a good foundation then our society will be in a mess. Being recognised as the overall winner for the Africa region is not something I take for granted – it’s not about me, however, it’s about the other 60 young people that I represent. With or without recognition, we as youth workers should keep on pushing

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