The Mathare Foundation

Mathare Foundation is a registered non profit that was founded in 2013 by Award Winning Youth Worker Eric Omwanda Nehemiah and James Ndung’u.  The organization’s main purpose is to train and create opportunities for children and youth in photography, football, and performing arts and enhance their leadership skills. It was established to help disadvantaged children nurture their talents and make them engage in productive initiatives.

Mathare Foundation has 60 committed and passionate trainees. Mathare Foundation trains children who are between 10 and 16 years. We work with disadvantaged children and youth in the slums of Mathare.

Mathare Foundation exists thanks to the help of volunteers. As an organization we value transparency and integrity among our members and officials.

Mission Statement

To train and create opportunities for children and youths in media, performing arts, sports, and leadership skills so that they become better citizens in their respective communities.

Our Vision

To be a reputable organization in assisting children in the slum in media trainings, performing arts and sports so that we promote world peace and enhance improved livelihood for children and youths in Mathare slums.




Performing Arts