Mathare foundation in the press – a news roundup


November 10th, 2018

One Young World Interview with Caroline Mutoko


September 10th, 2017, on The East African

Beyond Skills

The new project which starts on the 17th of September. Thank you The Pollination Project for the grant.
This is the way to go as Mathare Foundation shines yet again at the international level. Eric Omwanda and James Ndung’u and team are changing the Narrative about the slums



September 10th, 2017, on The East African

Photography from Nairobi’s slum children



September 6th, 2017, on The Star

The Raising Voices Sports Photo Exhibitions



July 23rd, 2017, on

The Leading Edge Half Hour Show



July 23rd, 2017, on

Change Through The Lens



April 13th, 2017, on

The Scoop 130 with Eric Omwanda

We could not disagree anymore, Mathare Foundation is going places.
Wow if we could only listen to this piece and ask ourselves what are we waiting for!
This is a project worth supporting. Keep it up. Thank you The Scoop.


Eric Nehemiah (Kenya), the co-founder of Mathare Foundation, which has supported over 100 young people in Kenyan slums to channel their talents through providing training in photography and art.



November 10th, 2016, on

Commonwealth Youth Worker of the Year for Africa


November 2016, on

Commonwealth Africa Youth Worker of the Year speaks to BBC World News

We have gained international audience as Eric Omwanda Nehemiah talks about the work of the Mathare Foundation. This is incredible, the insights and how the Foundation has changed the lives of young people is without any doubt commendable. Take some few minutes to hear this first hand.



January 20th, 2016, on

Mathare Foundation puts cameras in the hands of Kenya’s kids



January 9th, 2016, on

This Foundation Gave Kids in a Nairobi Slum Cameras, and the Resulting Photos Are Stunning



January 7th, 2016, on

Photographer Uses Cameras, Sports To Uplift Youth in Mathare Slum



March 15th, 2015, on

Nic Hailey presents Commonwealth Youth Workers Award to Mathare Foundation founder



March 4th, 2015, on

Canon partners with Mathare Foundation to nurture photography skills among disadvantaged youth





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