Sports as a tool for Peace and Development


Mathare Foundation is well known for organizing football training and tournaments in Mathare slums and its environs. We have been able to reach out to 30 organized football teams through our football tournaments. We have about 5,000 young people who have participated in our football tournaments. About 20,000 community members have attended our football tournaments. In relations to the Sustainable Development Goal number 16, set by the United Nations, Mathare Foundation uses sports as tool for peace.  This has enabled us to reach out to thousands of people from diverse background to come together and embrace each other through sports.

60% of the population in Commonwealth States is made up of young people. These young people voices needs to be heard to ensure that they are counted by being part of policy development and being key decision makers in matters affecting them. We are committed to give young people a platform to express themselves through sports so as to give key recommendation on policy development in matters sports.

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